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Dan Garcia - Producer / Writer /Creator/ Showrunner

Dan R. Garcia is a well known genre producer. He is widely respected as a prolific independent director, financier, and film executive. He has produced over forty independent films and TV Projects, and his work has been licensed in over twenty countries. His films have been seen on many major networks including HBO Asia, Starz, BET, Comcast, Netflix, Amazon, The Movie Channel, UMC, Showtime, Hulu, Itunes, Sci Fi Channel, and more.

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He was born in the Bronx, New York. He relocated to New Orleans at the age of fifteen. He now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

He is best known for genre hits such as ” Video Girl” starring Meagan Good, and ” Terror Trap” starring David James Elliott. ” Video Girl” had a very successful cable television debut on BET with 1 million viewers tuning in.
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With over thirty five feature films and TV projects to his credit as a director, producer, and financier, he has expanded his production operation to television broadcasts, and internet programming. Dan’s work has been released and exhibited in over 27 countries including Japan, the UK, Ireland, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, The Middle East, Africa, Germany, and more.

Dan’s productions have been released theatrically, and in all formats. He has enjoyed success on many platforms and networks, including Showtime, The Movie Channel, Syfy Channel, HBO UK,HBO ASIA, NBC, BET, Chiller, Starz, In Demand, Mnet, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Amazon, and the list goes on..


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